I love surrounding myself with my gorgeous daughter, Willa, my family, my closest friends, and my french bulldog, Delilah! I love all things beauty, spreading my knowledge, and making others feel good!! I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and what you put out into the universe is surely what you get back!

I started doing makeup while I was attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC (long ago ;) and I fell in love! I quickly realized it was my true passion! I graduated college, then went on to get my esthetics license, so I would be able to take care of my clients from head to toe. I then really enjoyed the esthetics world, facials, shaping brows, and also putting my clients at ease, and brightening their day and skin at the same time! This makes my job feel less like a job, and more like a hobby. I feel so lucky to have the type of career that never gets old, always a new face, a new story, and I also get to know my clients and build friendships with them, which is extremely rewarding. I learn so much about myself from my clients, other artists that I work with, and this industry as a whole. This is what allows me to grow and evolve in many aspects of my life and my career. I am very humbled by this, and it is what keeps me grounded along with my strong core of family and friends.