I do not like to judge or push expensive things on my clients if it is not in there budget! I am always considerate of people, and I try and recommend products in a price range that is comfortable for them and their lifestyle. You also won't hear me bad mouth a product line or complete dismiss it if my client tells me that it is working for them. (except for soap of course :) 

But IF is the key word here! I will say, that a lot of the time, I see on my client's skin that the products they are using, aren't quite working for them.  As I have mentioned in past blogs it is important to use the correct products for your skin type and or condition no matter what the price or quality. Which I can always help you out with if you are unsure. 

I get asked this question all the time...do expensive products really make a difference or is it just hype??

In my personal opinion, YES they do make a big difference!! Can I name a couple that may overcharge or are targeting a specific clientele? Yes! (but I told you I do not bad mouth ;) They are sometimes what make people skeptical, but almost 99.9% of the time, it is quality over quantity! 

In a higher priced skincare or makeup product, you will find high quality  and active ingredients! This is what makes the biggest difference!!! Drugstore products or mass produced goods have a high amount of fillers, preservatives, and less actual active ingredients! Leading to little or no results on the skin. These makeup and skin care lines also spend more time and money on research, studies, and finding the PERFECT ingredients to ensure you get outstanding results and healthier skin! 

I have a lot of clients who are shy to tell me they use drug store products. They may feel that I am judging them or trying to sell them on something for my own benefit. This is extremely FALSE! I give recommendations purely on what I feel will give them healthier, happier and glowing skin. I do not believe in investing in these lower quality goods because in the long run you will spend more time and money trying different things to get the results you are looking for. It goes back to the old saying, "You get what you pay for!"

This is our skin people! What we use on our it gets absorbed into our bodies so you have to do your research and choose wisely! We only get one body and one face! We need to use the best products to preserve it, and treat it with the utmost respect! I am not telling you to go out and buy a $600 dollar cream if that is not available to you, or that every expensive product is the answer to perfect skin. That is not the point I am trying to make here. But I am saying do not waste your money on 25 lower quality items, when you can see results with a handful of quality products. You will pay for it in more ways than one in the long run! 

When it comes to makeup specifically, the pay off is so much better with quality brands. It will most likely last longer on your skin, go on smoother and more effortlessly, have a more vibrant pigment, and they usually always have some skin care benefits as well. They also make your life and makeup application so so much easier and quicker! Trust me I have worked with all types of lines..from some of the drug store brands - really high end and when I use something quality it is like slipping on a pair of louboutins and drinking a fine wine! #fabulous 

If you would like my personal recommendations for skin care and makeup, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! :)