As an Esthetician I hear this statement all the time.. "I am using this product, but I don't know if I notice any differences in my skin." We look at ourselves everyday in the mirror so it would be very hard for us to see changes daily because they are so slight. 

Some skin care products may not yield the changes you are looking for, and you may need to try a different one until you find one that works for you, but don't be so quick to move on. First and foremost, when you are using a product you should FEEL a difference in your skin. For example it should feel smoother, softer, less oily, hydrated, or even less irritated if you have sensitive skin.  If you are using a product and you feel a change in your skin that is a great start. Be patient and consistent because SEEING results in anti aging, discoloration, firming, rosacea, acne, and toning will take a little more time.  

This is why I highly recommend taking a photo of yourself right before you start using the new item or skin care regimen. Then continue to take photos every 2- 4 weeks of yourself.  We don't notice these small changes in ourselves! Did you ever look back at photos and notice things about yourself that you may not have at the time? I know from a women's perspective, I am hard on myself, so I sometimes don't realize the positive changes I have made. It is nice to have that visual for your progress! 

Try it today and post your comments and photos below! I would love to hear and see your success with products or give you some recommendations if your products aren't working the way you hoped they would!

Go take your selfies people and report back to me :)